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Landsail LS288

The central tread block is designed for optimal traction containing small sipes to assist in water dissipation whilst the two adjacent block patterns consist of diagonal grooves designed to balance water dissipation with noise reduction and grip.
The LS288 is designed for small to mid-size passenger cars and ideally suited to urban and motorway driving applications.

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Landsail LS388

The LS388 is the newest addition to the Landsail passenger car tyre range. The LS388 is designed for all passenger car applications.
The leading edge tread design coupled with the Landsail advanced silica compound means the LS388 offers the perfect balance of outstanding grip in all driving conditions and minimal rolling resistance – ultimately resulting in a more fuel efficient drive.


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Landsail LS588

The LS588 SUV is the newest addition to the Landsail SUV range and designed for Ultra High Performance SUV driving. The LS588 SUV is an all-round performer offering an excellent balance of fuel efficiency, dry and wet weather grip, and low noise characteristics.
The LS588 SUV range is growing continually and is available in many low profile fitments for SUV’s fitted with up to 24” rims.

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Landsail LS988

The LS988 is designed for Ultra High Performance passenger car applications and offers a sporty and responsive driving experience.
The directional pattern is designed to provide grip in wet and dry conditions whilst the outer block pattern is optimally engineered to provide grip and response when cornering.

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Landsail CLV2

The CLV2 is developed for on-road SUV applications. The tread pattern consists of diversely distributed tread blocks which enhance the dampening characteristics 
of the tyre resulting in a smooth and comfortable drive.
The tapering outer blocks enable sensitive and responsive cornering characteristics and the enhanced compound enhances grip in all weather conditions.

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