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Tyre Rotation & Alignment

A regular rotation and alignment will add mileage and save hundreds

Why should I rotate my tyres?

No cars are made perfect, a regular tyre rotation is the best way to keep your tyres wearing evenly and reduce road noise.  If a tyre rotation hasn't been done, tyres can develop "heel & toe" wear which creates a vibration and therefore noise through the car.  4x4's suffer this regularly especially those running Mud Terrain tyres.  

How should a rotation be done?

When we rotate the tyres of a Rear wheel drive we move the rear tyres straight up front, with a fresh balance of course.  We diagonally move the front tyres to the rear of the vehicle.  Front and 4x4 wheel drive are the opposite of this.  
Doing this achieves two things:  

- Front tyres are most prone to heel & toe wear, getting them to the opposite side of the vehicle helps flatten off the tyre before wear is too bad
- Doing this kind of rotation every 10,000kms means that each tyre gets run in every position on the vehicle by the end of its life.
- The spare tyre can be added into the rotation also if the tread and wheel are matching, this will add a percentage of life to the overall set.