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Signs that it may be time for a wheel alignment service

From time to time, the wheels of our vehicles are susceptible to going out of alignment. All those small bumps and debris on our roads can cause the angles on our tyres to change, especially if we accidentally drive over large potholes or mount the curb.

The thing is, if your vehicles wheel alignment does not get checked – or corrected – you run the risk of spending precious time and money on tyre replacements and, potentially, other possible damages to your vehicle’s components, such as the suspension.

Here is our guide to signs that indicate you may need a wheel alignment service.

The definitive signs it is time for a wheel alignment service

Even though it is recommended that you seek a professional opinion, there are four key indications that you should look out for to recognise that your wheels are likely misaligned!

Vehicle pulls to the left or right

A key sign that your wheel alignment is out is if your vehicle is pulling to a side while driving. It is normal for a vehicle to slightly pull to the left or right, but if you find yourself constantly steering straight – you likely have an alignment problem.

Steering wheel is off-centre

A steering wheel should be dead centre; if it is crooked you most likely have an issue with your wheel alignment. Try testing the alignment by driving down a straight road and taking into account the alignment of your steering wheel.

A shaking steering wheel or vehicle

At no point should your steering wheel or the vehicle itself be shaking. If you are experiencing this while accelerating – or even cruising – it may indicate several issues, with the wheel alignment being one potential problem.

Uneven tyre wear

Tyre wear should be evenly spread on the inside and outside, if you notice anything unusual with their look, you may have a wheel alignment issue. Poorly aligned wheels generally mean a costly visit to a tyre shop for a tyre replacement and tyre fitting – act on it quickly so you can save some money!

How to measure wheel alignment

The wheel alignment for a vehicle is a series of measurements and adjustments to ensure all the wheels are parallel to each other and perpendicular to the ground.

Negative and positive car caster

A car caster affects the steering ease and stability of your vehicle to go in a straight line, a car that pulls to one side when travelling in a straight line most likely has a negative caster. 

Negative and positive car camber

Camber refers to the angle of the wheel and tire relative to a flat road, with the top of the wheels leaning either towards to away from the centre of the vehicle. An ideal camber will balance tyre traction and wear, so if you notice uneven wear on your tyres, you may have negative camber. 

Toe in & toe out

Toe alignment is the angle that the wheels of your vehicle point. Toe-in refers to front wheels tilting towards the centreline of a vehicle, while toe-out is when the rear wheels tilt outwards of from a vehicle’s centreline.

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